Nitsan Ben Zimra (b.1996) based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

One of the main questions Nitsan Ben Zimra deals with is: what’s left? The immediate urge is to hold on to everything tight, but things fade away, leaving signs like emotion or a vague association.
Ben Zimra takes these memories and tries to place them within a space. Get to know them by drawing, or figure out what echo they can make when they stand apart from context. Each medium preserves something different in memory. The connection between them, the installation, produces thin threads through which one can feel united with the works.

2023: The professional training program for artists, Edmond de Rotchild Center. 2018-2022: BFA with extra honors, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.
2017: Magnum Photos workshop with David Alan Harvey, NYC.
2010-2014: Thelma Yellin School of the Arts. 

-”Almost Completely”, duo exhibition, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv.
-Adams prize winners, group exhibition, Shenkar College, Tel Aviv.
-Group Show, Art Stays Fair, Slovenia.
-“Glue Fumes”, BFA Final show, Shenkar college, Tel Aviv.
-Group Show, Art Stays Fair, Slovenia.
-Group Show, Neighborhood wears a holiday, Tel Aviv municipality.
-Group Show, Magnum workshop, NYC.

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